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Unlock global education with ease! We provide expert student visa services, simplifying your path to studying abroad. Leave the intricacies to us.

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Embark on your journey with confidence. Our expertise lies in delivering smooth migration services, empowering you to uncover opportunities

Meet the Founder

Discover the exceptional prowess of our CEO, MNS Chakravarthy, MNS Regd. MARN.2418368. He is a proud epitome of South India's only immigrant lawyer and holds the esteemed status of being a permanent resident of Australia. As the guiding force behind us, he seamlessly blends legal finesse with personal experience, offering unparalleled insights and guidance to his clients. With empathy and steadfast determination, he transforms a potentially bewildering journey into an empowering and enlightening experience.





Meet your Counsellors

Alekhya Expertise: Australia, UK and Ireland Student visa counselling

Meet Alekhya, our dedicated counsellor, specializing in personalized guidance for overseas education. With expertise, she assists students in understanding their profiles, choosing the right universities, and building impactful application materials (SOP/LOR/Resume). Alekhya provides insights into career outcomes, and her role extends to strategic business development, marketing activities, and active participation in educational events. Trust Alekhya to navigate your path to successful overseas education.

Mounika Expertise: Australia, UK, Ireland student visa counselling

Meet Mounika, our adept counsellor, specializing in guiding students through overseas education options. Mounika assists in university and program selection, offering personalized advice to build strong application profiles (SOP/LOR/Resume). Providing insights into career outcomes aligning with student preferences, Mounika actively contributes to business development, marketing activities, and educational events. Trust Mounika to navigate your journey toward successful overseas education with comprehensive support.

Krishna Expertise: Australian Immigration Specialist deals with all types of visas

Meet Krishna sir, our expert immigration advisor. He is a veteran who educates individuals on their rights, organizes required documentation, and represents immigrants in legal proceedings. With a focus on immigration laws, Krishna sir offers advice on successful visa applications, regularly updating knowledge on regulations in various countries. Trust him for comprehensive support and informed guidance throughout the immigration process!

Sai Kiran Expertise: Certified IELTS and PTE Trainer

Meet Sai Kiran, our certified IELTS and PTE Trainer with over 8 years of experience. He has successfully guided hundreds of students to achieve their desired bands and scores. Count on Sai Kiran for expert and successful training in IELTS and PTE to reach your goals!

Ace the Globe With World-Class Training

CareerBaba offers comprehensive training for IELTS, PTE, and GRE. We ensure successful preparation with certified trainers, flexible schedules, and focused small batches. Join us to ace your desired band or score - knock on the door to success with us!

Application Pre-Assessment - Only Pay If You Qualify

Performing free assessment of applicant profiles to confirm the eligibility status through qualified migration expert.
We perform a thorough analysis of your profile to make sure that you’re on the right path to your dream destination. Rest easy knowing that you only pay when you meet the eligibility criteria. Let your migration journey begin with confidence and expert validation.

Our Process


In this initial assessment, we will determine your eligibility to apply.


At this stage, we will propose suitable options for you to consider


Our team will begin the process of applying for a visa.




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