Canada Immigration

Commended as a multicultural nation, immigration to Canada is highly valued, making it a sought-after destination, and a Canadian citizenship is much sought after. A democratic country in itself, the nation offers equal rights and freedoms to its people, an aspect secured by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This ensures ample civil, democratic, legal, equality, language and political rights to people who have obtained Canadian citizenship or are legal residents. This facet is further boosted by the fact that the nation is suitably attired with an ace publicly funded education system and leading universal healthcare facilities, all of which keeps its people satiated. Keeping the above facts in mind, it is hardly surprising that immigration to Canada or Canadian citizenship has a strong attraction for people from across the world.

Basic Features

  • Permanent residents status can be acquired by immigration to Canada, but this does not guarantee a Canadia citizenship.

  • Permanent residents have rights and privileges in Canada even though they have not acquired Canadian citizenship.

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