What is IELTS

  • Planning to study abroad?

  • Applying for an international university program?

  • Keen to work in an English-speaking country?

IELTS helps you achieve all these and much more.

Join Career Baba today to Learn IELTS Academic/General Test Preparation. This ensures

  • Better understanding of the exam format,

  • Learning test-taking strategies, and

  • Advancing your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

  • Start your journey today to reach your goal, and get the test score you need for your success.

Why “IELTS” at Career Baba?

  • Career Baba helps you hone and improve your English

  • Content designed to help improve your English language skills - speaking, listening, writing and reading

  • Live conversation with an evaluator

  • Objective assessment of English language abilities

  • Motivating instructor

  • Evaluation and personalized care to help you score better

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