GRE Coaching in Vijayawada

The GRE® revised General Test—the most widely accepted graduate admissions test worldwide.

The test measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. GRE scores are used by admissions committees and fellowship panels to supplement your undergraduate records, recommendation letters, and other qualifications for graduate-level study.

What does GRE measure?

• Analytical Writing,

• Verbal Reasoning, and

• Quantitative Reasoning.

The following is typical test structure of GRE?

What is measured?

Number of questions

Allotted time

Analytical writing

((one section with two separately timed tasks))

One – analyze an issue task (30 minutes)

One – analyze an argument task (30 minutes)

30 minutes


30 minutes


Verbal Reasoning

(two sections)


20 questions for section


30 minutes for section


Quantitative Reasoning

(two sections)


20 questions for section


35 minutes for section


Un-scored verbal or quantitative reasoning section


20 questions for the section


30/35 minutes basing on the type of section.


Research section






Note: the un-scored section may appear at any point after the Analytical Writing Section. So, we cannot decide which section is experimental section and which one is scored section.

So, you should answer all the sections with equal care and sincerity

Notethe Research Section, if it appears in the test, will always be the last section and it is a declared section. You will be appropriately notified that the section is research section.

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